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  • Standard Plugs

    according to various national standards DIN, ISO, SAE

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  • Magnetic Plugs

    With embedded magnet and not

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  • Special Plugs

    Plugs according to the client’s specifications or drawing

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LITMAT S.p.A. is specialized in the manufacturing of metal threaded plugs that are supplied mainly to the automotive industry (oil drain plugs) and to manufacturers of hydraulic, pneumatic, hydronic and mechanical equipment. We are the largest Italian manufacturer in this field, making a full line of plugs, in different materials (steel, brass, aluminium), according to various national standards (DIN, SAE, UNI, etc…), with any thread (metric, english or other), cylindrical and taper. We also manufacture many different types of magnetic plugs and we can make almost any plug according to the client’s specifications or drawing.

LITMAT S.p.A. is particularly competitive in the international market in the production of cold formed steel plugs according to DIN 906, 908, 909 and 910 and special plugs according to customers’ drawings.

Since 1950 LITMAT S.p.A. has been O.E. supplier of the most important automobile and truck manufacturers in Italy for all drain and fill plugs in the oil pan, gear box and differential. Many of the most important manufacturers of mechanical components (axles, gear boxes, pumps, etc…) for the automotive and industrial vehicle sectors and many important fastener dealers in Europe are in the list of our clients.



Via Avigliana, 30


Via Bruino, 42

Turning multi spindle

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cold forming

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Turning CNC

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The current production line of LITMAT S.p.A. consists of more than 1000 different plugs; this huge quantity of items, including semi-finished and uncoated parts, is stored in a single, computer controlled, mobile shelving system on rails.

These facilities, together with uncompromised quality and precise service give LITMAT S.p.A. the possibility to satisfy even the most demanding of its clients, as asserted by many important customers that rely on our products since several scores of years.

Plugs are made by different, all-in-house processes, depending on material, geometry and quantity; large lots of steel plugs are cold formed on horizontal presses, while very small batches are turned on single spindle automatic lathes or NC lathes for more complex shapes. We have the right technology for every plug.



Quality of products and services has always been considered by LITMAT S.p.A. as an indispensable prerequisite and a primary competitive factor with respect to its national and international competitors.

Since many years now, its quality organisation has been certified according to the main reference standards (UNI/EN/ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002); these results are not considered as a stand alone achievement, but as the evidence of a continuous effort to improve every aspect of its industrial processes as well as client satisfaction

Product quality is also guaranteed by LITMAT S.p.A. by means of the widespread application of Statistical Process Control, systematically performed on each machining operation with the aid of specific software and an integrated network of PCs.

A very efficient Quality Assurance structure, directly under control of the top management, gives strength and rigour to the application of internal quality procedures and drives effectively the continuous improvement process.